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My Intention is to design beautiful tiny homes with strong passive properties and as close to being off the grid as possible with the energies of the houses being in harmonization with the site and energies of the client.

The intention for creation of these tiny houses is not just for you to be free from materials, but to more importantly be free from fear, limiting belief system, from society, debt, illness, unwanted stress, pollution and negativity. The intention is to fully experience and dive into your Dreams, FreedomWildernessNatural Essence, Creativity, Adventurous Self and experience all the beautiful gifts this world offers and not spent the best years of your life working at a job that only drains you.

My love for Art is what fueled me throughout my entire architecture school years and now that Sacred Geometry magically came into my life, I choose to create the most magical, beautiful and healing house this world has ever experienced and seen.

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