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My Intention is to design beautiful tiny homes with strong passive properties and as close to being off the grid as possible.

The intention for creation of these tiny houses is not just for you to be free from materials, but to more importantly be free from fear, limiting belief system, from society, debt, illness, unwanted stress, pollution and negativity. The intention is to fully experience and dive into your Dreams, FreedomWildernessNatural Essence, Creativity, Adventurous Self and experience all the beautiful gifts this world offers and not spent the best years of your life working at a job that only drains you.

My love for Art is what fueled me throughout my entire architecture school years and now that I have graduated, I choose to use my knowledge and talents to help others to remember and fully live the
Magic that has always been in them.


how will these magic tiny homes help you experience true freedom and the life you were meant to enjoy?


These Tiny Houses are designed to to have Passive House properties and Off-the-Grid meaning you will not have to pay electrical bills. Less time working = More time for Playing!
  • Passive House is a Construction Method. When designing a Passive House one first looks to minimize the heating and cooling loads as much as possible through passive measures like orientation, massing, insulation, heat recovery, passive use of solar energy, solar shading, elimination of thermal bridges, and incidental internal heat sources.  Because the house is airtight, a continuous supply of low volume filtered fresh air is supplied to living/working spaces and stale air is exhausted from services spaces – providing balanced and controlled ventilation with high-efficiency heat exchange. If you would like more info on Passive Housing you can go here.


You will own less materials, less clutter, You will own Less Without, so You can Go more Within.
  • Most people do not have time to relax, to be alone not just physically but mentally which is more draining than working physically all day like most people in this country are doing right now. We worry about things that don't matter at all like paying bills, impressing others, proving yourself to your boss, living up to everyone's expectations, being rushed throughout the week, being stuck in traffic, and absorbing everyone's negative energy. 
  • Living in a Tiny Magic Home in Nature will free you up of so much that does not matter and you will have time to experience the things that you love the most and not worry about right or wrong, just do, experience, grow and play.
  • Living in Nature is our natural habitat. Nature heals and balances everything around it in the most beautiful and simplest way. Stop taking medicine, being addicted to silly stuff like tv, eating too much, certain food, certain people, social media and go back to what makes you different, special and authentic.
These Tiny Homes are 100% Customized to mold into your personality, habits, daily routine and dream life. 
  • You're an artist and need a large space to put your paintings on an display them when they are done? a large table to lay your tools and materials? a beautiful view to feel inspired every day? I can design a beautiful home that is You.
  • Or you are a workout lover like myself and you want your tiny home to be like a gym, you get a pull-up bar next to your bedroom to do your hanged spine decompression routine and your 5 pull ups every morning and night, an open area to do your yoga and stretches, Tabata mini workouts and finally design you a loft bed so you can climb up and down your ladder that way you stay active before and after going to bed.
  • Or you are a surfer. You want an area to display, protect and take care of your surfing board. You might want an exterior porch long enough to wax and clean your board before hitting the waves! then you'll probably want a beautiful hammock next to an open view of the ocean for you to fully inhale every morning and night. I can do that too. The more customized the homes are the more fun I have!


You are welcomed to send me a message with any questions or requests you might have!

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