Intro to Sacred Geometry

The world is made out of energy or waves and we have advanced in our technology and knowledge on calculating how to create certain energy. Some examples of this is Light, Heat, Sound. Everything is energy and everything is vibrating at different frequencies.

I’m currently into Quantum Physics and Sacred Geometry with my background in Architecture. It’s fascinating learning about it, but more experiencing this energy created by structures to radiate a certain energy.

Back before technology existed, everything was sacred because everything was designed and built in harmony with all that existed, the people, the weather, the land, the sun, the moon and the stars.

Sacred Geometry is exactly that, harmonizing the location on the earth with the rhythm of the cosmos, the sun and the moon.

If people in the Stonehenge Age were able to do these sacred Stone Circles without anything except their bodies, brains and feeling, now we can easily do all the calculations for a certain space to be in harmonization with the sun and the moon with the snap of a finger. The question is if people will believe it? or give it a try?

If you are interested in creating a sacred space in your room right now and experience the high frequency energy, you can and it’s super simple.


I will share the exercise I learned in the Sacred Geometry Certification I’m currently going through and that I’ve been experimenting in my room recently.

You will need a

  • Thick String: Leather is the best so far, you will feel the strongest energy radiating from it. I did try tape, or elastic string and it still worked generously.

  • Nails or Screws to create the shape.

  • Tape Measure

  • Plumb Bob (optional)

Immediately after I created the sacred triangle, I felt as if I had smoked the best marijuana joint. My mind went completely still and I was just being peacefully in the moment. I sat about 5ft from the shape on my wall for about 30 mins, just feeling this amazing peace within and out.

The bad news is, I slept with the shape on the wall and the next day I felt like I had drank a few cups of caffeine. So my Master on sacred geometry mentioned to only have these shapes for a short amount of time, 1-3 hours or so, but I wanted to know how it felt to have it longer and I did! I felt nauseous, had a huge headache and felt very lightheaded. As soon as I took off the string from the screws, all these negative symptoms went away within minutes !!!

I’ve been trying this for a few days now and the same thing happens. I feel amazing and “high” after I put the string on the screws and then I leave it on for the entire day almost and then I have a huge headache by the end.

Now I just put it on when I meditate, do yoga or just for a couple of hours in the morning and it feels amazinggggg!

If you’re interested in trying this simple but magical exercise,
just send me an e-mail and leave a comment below of your favorite place in the world :)





What is the meaning behind the name casitas magicas?

In spanish the literal translation of casitas magicas is "Tiny Magic Homes". The reason why I chose the name goes beyond than what it means in the dictionary. Growing up in the magic land of mexico until the age of 10, I did not realize I lived in a "Pueblo Magico" which means in spanish "Magical Village", until I graduated from college and I got more interested in minimalistic lifestyle. These magic towns are all over mexico and they get the name from whose cultural, historical, or natural treasures have been deemed, magical because they offer visitors a magical experience  in through their natural beauty, cultural richness, traditions, folklore, historical relevance, cuisine, art crafts and great hospitality. No wonder my best memories have always been of this beautiful village I grew up from, because I was living in magic.

My intention for these tiny homes is exactly that. To have a sense of magic for the ones living in it and for the ones who visit them in any way. I define MAGIC very roughly that's every changing as Freedom, Love, Art, Beauty, Adventure, Unity, Peace, Creativity, Uniqueness, Imagination, Self-Expression. Everyone has magic within, and I would love for these homes I design to help those who come in any kind of contact with them to feel the awakening of that magic within and only let it grow from that point on.

Personally, I'm also in the process of discovering and believing my own magic as well and every week I experience something new that I created or that I discover in life. I will be going to Santa Barbara, California from July 19th to July 22nd if anybody would like to meet and talk casitas magicas with me! Love meeting all the world during my travels.

In the meantime feel free to click on the on the gallery at the end of this post to get a peak of my beautiful magic village where I grew up :).



MAGIA in the ordinary

Hola mi Gente!


I'm writing this time to share an amazing experience I am going through right now...This year I made the choice to focus on love and in the beginning of this year, it was one of the hardest things I had to do, love my life being here in boring old Kansas when I wanted to be in a place full of oceans and mountains, love myself when I desired to be happy when I'd travel the world, love my job when I'd said I'd be happy when I'd be my own boss and love where I am right now....when I'd say I would be happy until I'd reach all those goals....I tried it, even if it was forced in the beginning and things IMMEDIATELY began to one week, I became an online fitness coach, I had a fitness partner at the gym I've been working out alone at form almost 2 years, at my 8-5 job things were becoming super, quiet and easy and other teams in the company wanted to recruit me to be in their team, the international team aka the travel team. 3 weeks later I lost 10lbs in easy and healthy way and 2 weeks later I helped one of my high schools best friend lose 12lbs before she went to Mexico to visit her family after almost a decade of not going and wanted to make a good impression with her family there.

Loving your life and yourself is not easy when you have ingrained habits in your brain to not like yourself and your life until you get what you wish for....and for some reason I slipped was so easy and I couldn't even tell, the mind is so sneaky and a great actor....for the last 2 weeks I stopped loving myself and again I started to live in the future and past. Why am I here? Why am I in a job where I am not happy with people that I don't connect with? oh boy...this turned into a snowball and before you I knew it, I was again complaining, being a victim and blaming the outside for what's going on inside me.

These two last weeks felt like MONTHS and I again I turned to what had worked not too long ago, thinking that maybe all the good things that had happened were a coincidence or good luck...but Yesterday....I started self love again.....loving my life, my job, who I am and what I do...and Yesterday....MAGIC happened......My not too old workout partner was happy to see me at the gym and wanted to workout with me like before, at work the co-workers that I didn't connect with left me alone, at my conversation with my principal I had the guts to tell her I wanted a different position and by the discrete smile on her face it seemed like she was waiting for me to say this, after work I bumped into 3 great friends which I had not seen in months in just a 30 minute span.....and all of this happened one day...

TODAY...I practiced self love and just LOVE again....when I woke up, at work, at the gym and right now that I am studying at a coffee shop near my house. At work I was the only one from my team that showed up (which never happens) and it was the most peaceful and relaxing day of work because of it, at the gym I lifted weights that I didn't think I was capable of since I stopped doing weightlifting for 2 years, and after work on my study time I met a pretty amazing person who I connected with very easily and was in the Olympics for Track and Field two times in a row...and now he runs 100 mile races. You know...I know meet these kinds of amazing people during my travels.....where I think the magic is....but you know what...the magic is INSIDE OF US.

Do I still want to live outside of Kansas? Yes I do. Do I want to travel the world still? of course it's my right to be free and know every part of my home I call earth. But one simple phrase changed how I see life and how I will life the rest of my life....I LOVE.....

Love yourself, your life, your job, your family and LOVE will bring the magic out of everything and everyone....but it's work you have to do first then the magic happens, not the other way around.



Love is the key to the Universe

Well Helloooo World!

self portrait.png

This year has been pretty amazing so far.....every week keeps getting better. Not to say that I have been working on myself a lot lately. Despite all the chaos that was happening at work all last year and testing outside of work, I have been making myself a priority more and more this year and exterior circumstances are slowly reflecting that. More of what I love doing is coming to my life and I'm experiencing it this 3-Dimensional world versus just being a dream in my head. I've been getting these amazingly fun personal training classes at the gym that I go to and made a soul friend with. I also got approached at the gym to do an addition to a house out of the blue. I know the gym is my heart space, is where I can let go completely and be 100% a part of myself that lives in the moment, that becomes the body, that grows every day I step into my workouts. I love my body and I'm so grateful for it everyday, it is the most intelligent aspect of us we have, take care of it as much as you can, it's a truly mesmerizing work of art that no scientist has discovered how it actually function the way it does. It's an entire world of its own that cannot be experienced all it's entirety in one lifetime. All I can say from the bottom of my heart is LOVE LOVE LOVE yourself, others, where you are, who you are, and everything that you've been through and what you want to live in and for. Love is the key to the Universe. 

Love Magically,


Magic found in the Old

Buenos Dias Amores!

Every time I write a post here I feel like a different person, like my entire life has changed, like I'm closer and closer to reaching my highest self's dream...

A lot of magical opportunities have come into my life and I am beyond amazed at how quickly life can change once you put order and focus in the inside. This year I have so many plans, so much passion, energy, and magic ready to flow out of me in 100% totality. 

You might ask what's stopping me? Well I think it's a lot of things... Mental blocks, fear, being around negative and attention leach people that I have no control of separating myself from because even though I am highly sensitive to people's emotions and intentions, I am benefiting tremendously from working at my current job. I am learning so much about the business of architecture, about myself in regards to coordinating so many consultants, making connections, getting out of my comfort zone, having confidence when I don't know an answer.....etc. My job and my exams were taking all of my time to do what I love and be my highest self. It was my biggest fear in college. Now I'm living it, I'm aware of it and I am learning to change things within me for things do now have to be this way. 

This year I promised myself I would not live like this past this summer of 2018. Even though I explore my magic on the weekends, I made myself the goal to experience and express my magic daily....I don't know how it will happen since I'm around negative and jealous people all the time that suck the life out of me....but I trust in the universe, I trust in my magic, I trust in Love that I will live the life that My Heart and Soul desires to live and express. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 10.51.57 AM.png

About 2 weeks ago I got connected with a wonderful lady that recently arrived from South Africa and bought an old, abandoned house here in my home state of Kansas. When we finally met, I was expecting small changes to her house for her e-mails were not detailed at all. But no, she wanted to remodel her entire house. Go from an old, deteriorated suburban  interior feel and look to it, and transform it to a Minimalistic, white, modern interior. I was shocked and delighted. This is what I love to do, this is my Speciality! I was so grateful to myself for not giving up on my dreams and passions and I was grateful to her for trusting me to do the design of the house of her dreams. I had never done a remodeling project, so this was definitely an adventure for me and it completely changed my perspective on housing. Everybody likes to build from scratch, even if it's out of recycled materials, it is a lot more spending and work to do that then to take an existing structure and use YOUR imagination to create a diamond out of it...

Forwarding to the end, it took me 2 weeks to finalize the main floor and basement plans each being about 900SF and she paid for the plans which always makes everything so much more magical and true, not because I am greedy, but because it's another step to making this my full time freelancing reality job. Getting paid for what I love doing? for being myself? for my ideas? that is my magical dream life....My Life.

Dream Big, Dream Infinite, and don't stop until you're dreams come true....why live a life that everybody else is living? When you have Magic inside that is waiting to be used up in every and any way possible? We are all artist and some forget it as they grow up and become slaves of society. Don't ever stop being is not easy, or does it get easy, but YOU get wiser, stronger, smarter, you become like the Wind, like Water, like the Air that you breath daily....there is no right or wrong in this world, YOU MAKE THOSE RULES, YOU MAKE ALL THE RULES OF YOUR LIFE.....Remember that....following somebody's else rules is like again...copying their life, their expression of truth.

Feel free to reach out to me, for I love connecting with like minded people to talk, to collaborate and to make this world live out of Art and Love.

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram: Casitasmagicas if you'd like to stay updated on my journey to freedom.




Buenos dias gente!

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 1.33.32 PM.png

This year started off just the way I was hoping for. I took my 3rd exam on December 28th and was notified a week later that I had passed! Not only did I start this new wonderful year in the right direction towards achieving this first goal of becoming a licensed Architect, but I can start to see the finish line of this challenging but rewarding journey. Achieving this goal automatically helps me achieve my tiny magic business and it makes my heart dance of joy. I have so much to explore, so many wonderful people to meet and work with and amazing ideas to manifest. Again life is not rainbows and puppies...yet haha. I feel like every month I grind a little bit less and I do more of what I love to do, but still hustling in the sense that I don't really relax, I'm always working therefore I've been more cautious about what and how much I eat, for my body is the first and last home I have. Fitness is extremely important to me, I just love my body and all the things she allows me to achieve and experience. Most people die not even appreciating all the things their bodies did for them on this earth, but how can you live life at its greatest and experience everything life has to offer in the most minimalist sense if your body is not taken care of? Think about it, your body is your first source of transportation, it is the first source of protection from the elements and is full of intelligence that guides you very softly to achieve what your heart and mind want to experience.

Fix your mind, Take care of your Body and the rest will come,

<3 Magia


Magik Sketches

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 6.39.14 PM.png

I wanted to share this awesome service I'm providing to anyone that is wanting to live in a tiny home but has trouble getting started on visualizing it. Let me share with you that ART is my biggest passion and combining what gives me peace and joy with my other love which is designing tiny homes, really makes my soul dance :)! These sketches are get your mind spinning on the possibility of the shape, color, feel, proportions of how your future tiny home could manifest. I will not spend more than an hour doing these tiny sketches, that's why sound so fun and I cannot wait to get my first order. Please click not he button below "MAGIK SKETCH" to take you with some examples of sketches I have done in the past to give you an idea of what to be expecting.




Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 9.19.10 AM.png

So many amazing things are happening and I'm still amazed at how much I'm doing in a week. While still working full time as an architectural designer, studying for my licensing exams and working out full time during my lunch breaks...I am now doing more and more of my soul's desire. I am drawing out of my heart every weekend, and I let my soul go wild and I completely go from my left brain at 4pm on Friday and directly to my Right brain. I've become so efficient at switching gears on my brain and going from deadlines, schedules, time time time, to letting go of time and letting go of exceptions of how people should be and how things should go about on the weekends and I feel in heaven. Before it was very hard to switch I would stay on "Work" mode all weekend....but this is what patience and perseverance gets a Magical place where everything works in Harmony you just gotta stay positive....let go of all expectations and breath deeply and slowly....just feel.

Stay Positive,





Japan Magic

Hello Earthly Beings,

DSC_0394 copy2.jpg

As you guys have seen on my instagram page, I currently came back from the most amazing trip ever in Japan. I did not know what to expect regarding the change of culture, food, and environment. I love newness, creativity, originality, and change, so this trip was a huge fun roller coaster feeling for me. I saw and lived in a highly ordered country where everybody follows the rules, therefore there is almost no real poverty, there is absolute trust between client and seller per say. The japanese people are taught to prioritize peace, independence, and respect from an early age, and I experienced it first hand with everyone I encountered and it just felt so easy, so natural and so human. I loved that country's sense of art, order, respect and sustainability to everything and everyone. I have high hopes and bigger dreams after experiencing that other side of the world, never again will I settle for even my own dreams....always thing big, dream big, explore that creative side of your brain, for they say we only just about 10% during our lifespan....that is where you can create your own magic. You have the keys to the lock, just gotta know that, believe it and use it.



Architecture is the language of the Soul

This post expresses my belief of architecture. Architecture is not a replica of another building nor a footprint with a budget. Architecture creates something that only someone else can do and that is Art. Architecture is bigger than the sum of its parts because it connects with the spirit of the place, the history of the place and with the souls of that people that come in any kind of contact with it. Architecture is another language of Art. Just like life is art and you are the artist of your own life....some people don't see life that way and that's the same with architecture.  One thing that I learned in architecture school and I still use it everyday of my life....the more complex the building, the simpler it has to be......that's life...the more you do and the more know, the more you have to simplify within and without. I love my expression of Art and Architecture and I love that one day I will be free to work by being myself which will allow me to live in a state of love, creativity, inspiration and purpose. I feel that day coming closer and closer. Drop me a message and connect with me I'd love to collaborate with open minded people especially those who dare to follow their dreams to keep this beautiful world as beautiful as it is and explore her new mysteries that we have yet to see and know.


Warrior Magica

Believe in the Power of your Dreams

I treat this blog like a personal diary almost...this place is where I express what others cannot feel and understand...different levels of reality. Living in the Midwest as a wild dreamer is not easy.... but I am becoming stronger and a more well grounded dreamer...I am not just a crazy architect but I'm becoming the general contractor as well and I love that aspect of myself...but my true nature is art, dreaming, thinking of others are afraid to say or do.

This year has been very productive, very left brain dominated which is not the most ecstatic and soul fulfilling thing for me to do. I am trusting the process, the opportunities that come to me, the people I'm meeting at my job and learning about the business side of the spectrum, not my forte nor do I want it to be, but it's interesting to see how most of this country really works. You could say I'm naive and not realistic, but that's not it, I am a dreamer and I follow my dreams I don't follow the norm nor will I settle for the norm.

I love telling my journey through here it's helping me take a step back to see how far I've come and hopefully it will help others who are
fighting to live their dreams only.

Love, Believe, & Create

Casitas Magicas

3rd Place Design

Hola Mundo,

It was been a hectic but very productive year so far. Lots of opportunities have appeared in my life that keep bringing me closer to my #1 priority goal. About a month ago I entered another tiny home design competition for a rustic cabin home in British Columbia, Canada that's 300SF- 350SF in size. I gotta say opportunities to design so freely like this one is what brings the best out of me and what I enjoy doing from the bottom of my heart. A couple days ago I found out my design won 3rd Place and I could not have been more ecstatic because I didn't participate for the reward, I do these competition for my own personal growth, well being and personal joy. It's great to know that people do love my designs as much as I pour my heart into and I can make a living out of this whole movement. Keep doing what you love, keep believing what your heart tells you to, and don't listen to any exterior negative comments, feelings or nuisances. Yes there will be a lot of friction in the beginning of your journey, but what dream or goal doesn't start like that? 

Have a beautiful day Mother Earth <3

Casitas Magicas

Doing what you love

Buenos Dias!

It's been a while since I've updated this website but I've been busy with trying to different things in my life to be free from doing anything that I do not put my heart into. 

I am currently working in a corporate job and yes I do get paid well but my heart and soul are happy there since we are only working to make the bosses money and our feelings are rarely taken into consideration, but that's how big business works nowadays. After working in that job for 5 months, I have gotten a more clear vision of where I want to be and how to get there.

My goal for 2017 is to get my architectural license and be my own boss, timeline, environment and  live by my own rules. I want to integrate everything I love into one job: Travel, Draw, Interact with beautiful people, help this world be a more sustainable and healthier place, and get paid for it :).

Even though I'll be super busy with taking all those exam for my licensure this year, I managed to change my mind and belief systems to still have time to do other things and progress in them. It's so crazy how everything is a creation of the mind. Besides obtaining my architecture license, on the weekends I started to do my biggest passion: ART. 

Life is as beautiful as you decide it to be, pain is part of the same coin is happiness, learn to surf and enjoy every aspect of the journey :)


Much Love and Colorful Vibes,

Casitas Magicas

Being in the PRESENT MOMENT...

Hola mundo!

This was week I put emphasis on being in the moment..Let me tell you that it felt pretty least the small moments my mind didn't clutter it with endless thoughts and worries. Let me tell you that the hardest part has passed. Actually putting yourself in the moment for a few seconds every so often in a day is really hard if you have not been doing it for a while. Happiness, joy, peace IS IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. It's not in the future, or past, it is right here, right now and you can choose to be in that place, but first you have to go within and detach from the mind chatter. Detach by just being a watcher, a listener, but not identifying yourself with those thoughts and feelings. Just watch. 

This week I also did more of what my soul loves which is art. I love drawing and expressing my feelings and whatever universe is going on within me. Even if the drawings are not the quality they used to be, it is a start and it will only get better from here which is super exciting for me and everyone that knows me. 

I started finally putting on paper my next casita design concept and I love it!!! I fall in love with the concept of every tiny house and that's what drives me to put all my effort, love and joy in it. In mid May I'll be quitting my current job and focusing more on this before I start applying for a new and better job! :) 


Best Loving Vibes,

Casitas Magicas

First Post!



I'm super excited to start my journey as an aspiring architect (until i become licensed of course!) with you guys and reach that dream I hold clear in my mind everyday. 

I know things will move slow in the beginning since I have several things going on in my life currently. I have a full time job as an architectural intern, am taking an evening class to increase my skills in Revit, helping a friend build his house on the weekends, started drawing an addition to my parent's house, workout almost every day after work and now I have this beautiful project that I have been dreaming of since graduation. 

If you truly want something, life will find balance in your life to get everything done, but if you don't have a clear goal and intention, then you will only see obstacles and excuses.

I hope to connect with people who are on the same boat as I am and are in a journey of growth, love, beauty, service to others and freedom. I know I will :D.

This page might not be as active in the first 2 months since I have all these things going on in my life but by May several things will come to an end which will give me space and time to focus on this beautiful project! I have faith everything will workout and grow the way we intended it to.


Best Vibes and Wishes,