Being in the PRESENT MOMENT...

Hola mundo!

This was week I put emphasis on being in the moment..Let me tell you that it felt pretty least the small moments my mind didn't clutter it with endless thoughts and worries. Let me tell you that the hardest part has passed. Actually putting yourself in the moment for a few seconds every so often in a day is really hard if you have not been doing it for a while. Happiness, joy, peace IS IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. It's not in the future, or past, it is right here, right now and you can choose to be in that place, but first you have to go within and detach from the mind chatter. Detach by just being a watcher, a listener, but not identifying yourself with those thoughts and feelings. Just watch. 

This week I also did more of what my soul loves which is art. I love drawing and expressing my feelings and whatever universe is going on within me. Even if the drawings are not the quality they used to be, it is a start and it will only get better from here which is super exciting for me and everyone that knows me. 

I started finally putting on paper my next casita design concept and I love it!!! I fall in love with the concept of every tiny house and that's what drives me to put all my effort, love and joy in it. In mid May I'll be quitting my current job and focusing more on this before I start applying for a new and better job! :) 


Best Loving Vibes,

Casitas Magicas