First Post!



I'm super excited to start my journey as an aspiring architect (until i become licensed of course!) with you guys and reach that dream I hold clear in my mind everyday. 

I know things will move slow in the beginning since I have several things going on in my life currently. I have a full time job as an architectural intern, am taking an evening class to increase my skills in Revit, helping a friend build his house on the weekends, started drawing an addition to my parent's house, workout almost every day after work and now I have this beautiful project that I have been dreaming of since graduation. 

If you truly want something, life will find balance in your life to get everything done, but if you don't have a clear goal and intention, then you will only see obstacles and excuses.

I hope to connect with people who are on the same boat as I am and are in a journey of growth, love, beauty, service to others and freedom. I know I will :D.

This page might not be as active in the first 2 months since I have all these things going on in my life but by May several things will come to an end which will give me space and time to focus on this beautiful project! I have faith everything will workout and grow the way we intended it to.


Best Vibes and Wishes,