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So many amazing things are happening and I'm still amazed at how much I'm doing in a week. While still working full time as an architectural designer, studying for my licensing exams and working out full time during my lunch breaks...I am now doing more and more of my soul's desire. I am drawing out of my heart every weekend, and I let my soul go wild and I completely go from my left brain at 4pm on Friday and directly to my Right brain. I've become so efficient at switching gears on my brain and going from deadlines, schedules, time time time, to letting go of time and letting go of exceptions of how people should be and how things should go about on the weekends and I feel in heaven. Before it was very hard to switch I would stay on "Work" mode all weekend....but this is what patience and perseverance gets a Magical place where everything works in Harmony you just gotta stay positive....let go of all expectations and breath deeply and slowly....just feel.

Stay Positive,