Japan Magic

Hello Earthly Beings,

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As you guys have seen on my instagram page, I currently came back from the most amazing trip ever in Japan. I did not know what to expect regarding the change of culture, food, and environment. I love newness, creativity, originality, and change, so this trip was a huge fun roller coaster feeling for me. I saw and lived in a highly ordered country where everybody follows the rules, therefore there is almost no real poverty, there is absolute trust between client and seller per say. The japanese people are taught to prioritize peace, independence, and respect from an early age, and I experienced it first hand with everyone I encountered and it just felt so easy, so natural and so human. I loved that country's sense of art, order, respect and sustainability to everything and everyone. I have high hopes and bigger dreams after experiencing that other side of the world, never again will I settle for even my own dreams....always thing big, dream big, explore that creative side of your brain, for they say we only just about 10% during our lifespan....that is where you can create your own magic. You have the keys to the lock, just gotta know that, believe it and use it.