3rd Place Design

Hola Mundo,

It was been a hectic but very productive year so far. Lots of opportunities have appeared in my life that keep bringing me closer to my #1 priority goal. About a month ago I entered another tiny home design competition for a rustic cabin home in British Columbia, Canada that's 300SF- 350SF in size. I gotta say opportunities to design so freely like this one is what brings the best out of me and what I enjoy doing from the bottom of my heart. A couple days ago I found out my design won 3rd Place and I could not have been more ecstatic because I didn't participate for the reward, I do these competition for my own personal growth, well being and personal joy. It's great to know that people do love my designs as much as I pour my heart into and I can make a living out of this whole movement. Keep doing what you love, keep believing what your heart tells you to, and don't listen to any exterior negative comments, feelings or nuisances. Yes there will be a lot of friction in the beginning of your journey, but what dream or goal doesn't start like that? 

Have a beautiful day Mother Earth <3

Casitas Magicas