Believe in the Power of your Dreams

I treat this blog like a personal diary almost...this place is where I express what others cannot feel and understand...different levels of reality. Living in the Midwest as a wild dreamer is not easy.... but I am becoming stronger and a more well grounded dreamer...I am not just a crazy architect but I'm becoming the general contractor as well and I love that aspect of myself...but my true nature is art, dreaming, thinking of others are afraid to say or do.

This year has been very productive, very left brain dominated which is not the most ecstatic and soul fulfilling thing for me to do. I am trusting the process, the opportunities that come to me, the people I'm meeting at my job and learning about the business side of the spectrum, not my forte nor do I want it to be, but it's interesting to see how most of this country really works. You could say I'm naive and not realistic, but that's not it, I am a dreamer and I follow my dreams I don't follow the norm nor will I settle for the norm.

I love telling my journey through here it's helping me take a step back to see how far I've come and hopefully it will help others who are
fighting to live their dreams only.

Love, Believe, & Create

Casitas Magicas