Architecture is the language of the Soul

This post expresses my belief of architecture. Architecture is not a replica of another building nor a footprint with a budget. Architecture creates something that only someone else can do and that is Art. Architecture is bigger than the sum of its parts because it connects with the spirit of the place, the history of the place and with the souls of that people that come in any kind of contact with it. Architecture is another language of Art. Just like life is art and you are the artist of your own life....some people don't see life that way and that's the same with architecture.  One thing that I learned in architecture school and I still use it everyday of my life....the more complex the building, the simpler it has to be......that's life...the more you do and the more know, the more you have to simplify within and without. I love my expression of Art and Architecture and I love that one day I will be free to work by being myself which will allow me to live in a state of love, creativity, inspiration and purpose. I feel that day coming closer and closer. Drop me a message and connect with me I'd love to collaborate with open minded people especially those who dare to follow their dreams to keep this beautiful world as beautiful as it is and explore her new mysteries that we have yet to see and know.


Warrior Magica