Buenos dias gente!

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This year started off just the way I was hoping for. I took my 3rd exam on December 28th and was notified a week later that I had passed! Not only did I start this new wonderful year in the right direction towards achieving this first goal of becoming a licensed Architect, but I can start to see the finish line of this challenging but rewarding journey. Achieving this goal automatically helps me achieve my tiny magic business and it makes my heart dance of joy. I have so much to explore, so many wonderful people to meet and work with and amazing ideas to manifest. Again life is not rainbows and puppies...yet haha. I feel like every month I grind a little bit less and I do more of what I love to do, but still hustling in the sense that I don't really relax, I'm always working therefore I've been more cautious about what and how much I eat, for my body is the first and last home I have. Fitness is extremely important to me, I just love my body and all the things she allows me to achieve and experience. Most people die not even appreciating all the things their bodies did for them on this earth, but how can you live life at its greatest and experience everything life has to offer in the most minimalist sense if your body is not taken care of? Think about it, your body is your first source of transportation, it is the first source of protection from the elements and is full of intelligence that guides you very softly to achieve what your heart and mind want to experience.

Fix your mind, Take care of your Body and the rest will come,

<3 Magia