Magic found in the Old

Buenos Dias Amores!

Every time I write a post here I feel like a different person, like my entire life has changed, like I'm closer and closer to reaching my highest self's dream...

A lot of magical opportunities have come into my life and I am beyond amazed at how quickly life can change once you put order and focus in the inside. This year I have so many plans, so much passion, energy, and magic ready to flow out of me in 100% totality. 

You might ask what's stopping me? Well I think it's a lot of things... Mental blocks, fear, being around negative and attention leach people that I have no control of separating myself from because even though I am highly sensitive to people's emotions and intentions, I am benefiting tremendously from working at my current job. I am learning so much about the business of architecture, about myself in regards to coordinating so many consultants, making connections, getting out of my comfort zone, having confidence when I don't know an answer.....etc. My job and my exams were taking all of my time to do what I love and be my highest self. It was my biggest fear in college. Now I'm living it, I'm aware of it and I am learning to change things within me for things do now have to be this way. 

This year I promised myself I would not live like this past this summer of 2018. Even though I explore my magic on the weekends, I made myself the goal to experience and express my magic daily....I don't know how it will happen since I'm around negative and jealous people all the time that suck the life out of me....but I trust in the universe, I trust in my magic, I trust in Love that I will live the life that My Heart and Soul desires to live and express. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 10.51.57 AM.png

About 2 weeks ago I got connected with a wonderful lady that recently arrived from South Africa and bought an old, abandoned house here in my home state of Kansas. When we finally met, I was expecting small changes to her house for her e-mails were not detailed at all. But no, she wanted to remodel her entire house. Go from an old, deteriorated suburban  interior feel and look to it, and transform it to a Minimalistic, white, modern interior. I was shocked and delighted. This is what I love to do, this is my Speciality! I was so grateful to myself for not giving up on my dreams and passions and I was grateful to her for trusting me to do the design of the house of her dreams. I had never done a remodeling project, so this was definitely an adventure for me and it completely changed my perspective on housing. Everybody likes to build from scratch, even if it's out of recycled materials, it is a lot more spending and work to do that then to take an existing structure and use YOUR imagination to create a diamond out of it...

Forwarding to the end, it took me 2 weeks to finalize the main floor and basement plans each being about 900SF and she paid for the plans which always makes everything so much more magical and true, not because I am greedy, but because it's another step to making this my full time freelancing reality job. Getting paid for what I love doing? for being myself? for my ideas? that is my magical dream life....My Life.

Dream Big, Dream Infinite, and don't stop until you're dreams come true....why live a life that everybody else is living? When you have Magic inside that is waiting to be used up in every and any way possible? We are all artist and some forget it as they grow up and become slaves of society. Don't ever stop being is not easy, or does it get easy, but YOU get wiser, stronger, smarter, you become like the Wind, like Water, like the Air that you breath daily....there is no right or wrong in this world, YOU MAKE THOSE RULES, YOU MAKE ALL THE RULES OF YOUR LIFE.....Remember that....following somebody's else rules is like again...copying their life, their expression of truth.

Feel free to reach out to me, for I love connecting with like minded people to talk, to collaborate and to make this world live out of Art and Love.

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