Love is the key to the Universe

Well Helloooo World!

self portrait.png

This year has been pretty amazing so far.....every week keeps getting better. Not to say that I have been working on myself a lot lately. Despite all the chaos that was happening at work all last year and testing outside of work, I have been making myself a priority more and more this year and exterior circumstances are slowly reflecting that. More of what I love doing is coming to my life and I'm experiencing it this 3-Dimensional world versus just being a dream in my head. I've been getting these amazingly fun personal training classes at the gym that I go to and made a soul friend with. I also got approached at the gym to do an addition to a house out of the blue. I know the gym is my heart space, is where I can let go completely and be 100% a part of myself that lives in the moment, that becomes the body, that grows every day I step into my workouts. I love my body and I'm so grateful for it everyday, it is the most intelligent aspect of us we have, take care of it as much as you can, it's a truly mesmerizing work of art that no scientist has discovered how it actually function the way it does. It's an entire world of its own that cannot be experienced all it's entirety in one lifetime. All I can say from the bottom of my heart is LOVE LOVE LOVE yourself, others, where you are, who you are, and everything that you've been through and what you want to live in and for. Love is the key to the Universe. 

Love Magically,