What is the meaning behind the name casitas magicas?

In spanish the literal translation of casitas magicas is "Tiny Magic Homes". The reason why I chose the name goes beyond than what it means in the dictionary. Growing up in the magic land of mexico until the age of 10, I did not realize I lived in a "Pueblo Magico" which means in spanish "Magical Village", until I graduated from college and I got more interested in minimalistic lifestyle. These magic towns are all over mexico and they get the name from whose cultural, historical, or natural treasures have been deemed, magical because they offer visitors a magical experience  in through their natural beauty, cultural richness, traditions, folklore, historical relevance, cuisine, art crafts and great hospitality. No wonder my best memories have always been of this beautiful village I grew up from, because I was living in magic.

My intention for these tiny homes is exactly that. To have a sense of magic for the ones living in it and for the ones who visit them in any way. I define MAGIC very roughly that's every changing as Freedom, Love, Art, Beauty, Adventure, Unity, Peace, Creativity, Uniqueness, Imagination, Self-Expression. Everyone has magic within, and I would love for these homes I design to help those who come in any kind of contact with them to feel the awakening of that magic within and only let it grow from that point on.

Personally, I'm also in the process of discovering and believing my own magic as well and every week I experience something new that I created or that I discover in life. I will be going to Santa Barbara, California from July 19th to July 22nd if anybody would like to meet and talk casitas magicas with me! Love meeting all the world during my travels.

In the meantime feel free to click on the on the gallery at the end of this post to get a peak of my beautiful magic village where I grew up :).