Intro to Sacred Geometry

The world is made out of energy or waves and we have advanced in our technology and knowledge on calculating how to create certain energy. Some examples of this is Light, Heat, Sound. Everything is energy and everything is vibrating at different frequencies.

I’m currently into Quantum Physics and Sacred Geometry with my background in Architecture. It’s fascinating learning about it, but more experiencing this energy created by structures to radiate a certain energy.

Back before technology existed, everything was sacred because everything was designed and built in harmony with all that existed, the people, the weather, the land, the sun, the moon and the stars.

Sacred Geometry is exactly that, harmonizing the location on the earth with the rhythm of the cosmos, the sun and the moon.

If people in the Stonehenge Age were able to do these sacred Stone Circles without anything except their bodies, brains and feeling, now we can easily do all the calculations for a certain space to be in harmonization with the sun and the moon with the snap of a finger. The question is if people will believe it? or give it a try?

If you are interested in creating a sacred space in your room right now and experience the high frequency energy, you can and it’s super simple.


I will share the exercise I learned in the Sacred Geometry Certification I’m currently going through and that I’ve been experimenting in my room recently.

You will need a

  • Thick String: Leather is the best so far, you will feel the strongest energy radiating from it. I did try tape, or elastic string and it still worked generously.

  • Nails or Screws to create the shape.

  • Tape Measure

  • Plumb Bob (optional)

Immediately after I created the sacred triangle, I felt as if I had smoked the best marijuana joint. My mind went completely still and I was just being peacefully in the moment. I sat about 5ft from the shape on my wall for about 30 mins, just feeling this amazing peace within and out.

The bad news is, I slept with the shape on the wall and the next day I felt like I had drank a few cups of caffeine. So my Master on sacred geometry mentioned to only have these shapes for a short amount of time, 1-3 hours or so, but I wanted to know how it felt to have it longer and I did! I felt nauseous, had a huge headache and felt very lightheaded. As soon as I took off the string from the screws, all these negative symptoms went away within minutes !!!

I’ve been trying this for a few days now and the same thing happens. I feel amazing and “high” after I put the string on the screws and then I leave it on for the entire day almost and then I have a huge headache by the end.

Now I just put it on when I meditate, do yoga or just for a couple of hours in the morning and it feels amazinggggg!

If you’re interested in trying this simple but magical exercise,
just send me an e-mail and leave a comment below of your favorite place in the world :)