My name is Maria and grew up in the beautiful land of Mexico until the age of 10. In 2000 my family and I moved to Kansas, USA where I have been living the rest of my life. I love traveling the world and connecting with different kinds of personalities and cultures, for contrast is what gives more value to each individual thing that exist, I believe.

I quit the coorporate life to life up to my dream of a digital nomad and take my passions with me wherever the wind takes me.

Currently going through a sacred geometry apprentenceship and now my designs will trully live up to the name Casitas Magicas (in english it means “Tiny Magic Homes”).

Now I will designs beautiful tiny homes that are not only customized to the habitant’s lifestyle, but now they will be designed to harmonize the client’s energy and keep it harmonized. Because that’s what I home is supposed to do, keep you sane, balanced, relaxed and happy.