My name is Maria and grew up in the beautiful land of Mexico until the age of 10. In 2000 my family and I moved to Kansas, USA where I have been living the rest of my life. I love traveling the world and connecting with different kinds of personalities and cultures, for contrast is what gives more value to each individual thing that exist, I believe.

I am currently working for a commercial/retail/grocery architecture firm. This job has taught me the art of efficiency, organization and great management skills and I have been exposed to a variety of constructibility elements and what it takes to get a project from entitlement phase all the way to the opening day.

My goal is to have and run my own personal portable design firm where I design magic tiny homes all around the world while I travel the world in any way, shape or form. I want to help others discover that magic within while I also do the same with myself and my life. Life is too precious to be copying everyone else's life pattern, follow your heart, dreams and desires and you soul will be content and fulfilled with love and joy.

If you enjoy my content and think like me that the future society should be based on following your heart and expressing every desire and creative impulse that comes from within, you can help me by donating a small amount by clicking the button below.