magik sketch

1 HOUR SKETCH for 12$


2 hour sketch for 20$



The first sketch for this fun design competition did not take me more than an hour to sketch, analyze and meditate on. This design was for a couple who wanted to build their new tiny home near the mountains of Canada. They asked for a mono slope roof so the snow would easily slide off along with preliminary dimensions of the house. These sketches show only the beginning stages of this tiny home, for they wanted something visual since they had no idea on how it could look. This design won 3rd at the end of the competition. Click the button below to get your Magik Sketch!



This sketch was done for a design competition where we had the freedom to design a tiny home anywhere in the world. I chose the country of Mexico for the location and the design was inspired by the sharp elegance of the cacti that inhabits the dry lands of this beautiful country. The first photo shows the 1-Hour sketch and the 2nd photos shows the 2-Hour sketch. Click the button below to get your Magik Sketch!



This sketch was for another design competition where we had the our choice of client with a limited budget. I chose I hippie as my client and therefore the triangle manifested for this client. A triangle has 3 sides or 3 points, which in numerology this number means powerful need to express feelings, ideas and visions of the imagination, coupled with an extroverted personality, makes it a perfect fit a hippie. Click the button below to get your Magik Sketch!