sacred geometry

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high vibrational spaces created through

sacred geometry

Everything has a frequency and now with my learning of sacred geometry, I am able to design with the actual energies of the earth.



earth vortexes

Earth is filled with all kinds of Vortexes. In my 150 SF room, I found at least 10 vortexes! The way I use vortexes in my designs, is I look for the most intense clear, good feeling vortex to neutralize to the low energy vortexes.


Another technique I use is I look for the most intense low energy vortexes coming through the faults or water veins underneath our bedroom and I block them with techniques I learned in my Sacred Geometry Apprenticeship.


Lastly, I also like to use the furniture to activate certain frequencies. Geometry has information, the key is activating the information that we want, like heart and prana energy. I use sacred geometry of the latitude to rearrange furniture within the space that wants to be harmonized.

sleep in peaceful energy


your bed is your health

Have you ever felt like you could sleep at peace and ease everywhere else except your own bed? No matter what you tried, you always woke up tired, drained, negative and angry? Well I did, and after learning sacred geometry and all the tools needed to clear negative energy, I learned to neutralize the fault and water vein energies in my own bedroom. Now my bedroom feels like I’m next to the ocean during summer time, it’s so magical.

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